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Angry King Productions

Angry King Productions is an award winning independent film and digital TV production company based in Los Angeles. We consist of a diverse group of dedicated entertainment professionals who make quality, off beat content.

Jeff's Place wins Best Actor in a Comedy (Jeff Galfer) & Best Editing (Kent Lamm) at the New York Television Festival!

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Jeff's Place selected to the New York Television Festival

Jeff's Place was selected as 1 of 52 shows invited to compete in the Independent Pilot Competition of the New York Television Festival.

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The Royal Court

The Angry King Royal Court consists of producers, directors, writers, actors, and designers who either work directly on the Angry King team, have worked on the Angry King team, contribute significant amounts of time/energy/support/positivity to the Angry King team, contribute significant financial help to the Angry King team, or all of the above.

Jeff's Place - Web Series

Twin Peaks and Mister Rogers' Neighborhood converge in this strange new world of lessons, sharing, and parallel realities.

Cooking With Joe!!! - Web Series

Join beginner chef Joe on a culinary adventure with weekly guests and dishes that are sure to light up the senses and satiate the soul.

Buried Treasure - Short Film

Fortunes shift for a man stricken with tragedy when he unwittingly stumbles upon buried treasure.

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